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Beaufort, NC

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5x10 -- $60/month
10x10 -- $110/month
10x15 -- $150/month
10x20 -- $200/month
15x15 -- $210/month

The above prices are for month-to-month rentals. If you sign a six month lease then $5 is deducted from the monthly rate. A twelve month lease has a $10 deduction from the monthly rate.

For example:
If you rented a 10x10 unit and signed a six-month lease, your monthly rate would be $105 (instead of $110).  A year-long lease on a 10x10 unit would be $100.

A security deposit equal to one month's rent is due when you move in, and is refundable when you move out.

** Rates may change without notice.